Kyoto, Japan

A Special Collaboration New Year Workshop with Ryosokuin Temple, Kyoto

A Special Collaboration New Year Workshop with Ryosokuin Temple, Kyoto

Time & Place

Sunday, 26 Jan 2020
09:00 — 15:00

Ryosoku-in Temple
〒605-0811 / Komatsucho 591, Higashiyama-ku
Kyoto, Japan



Time, it goes by in a blink of an eye. In a few days we’re arriving at the end of 2019, with a new year full of chances unfolding before us. In these special moments, I’d like to invite you to join me for a special workshop experience to begin your 2020 with a positive mindset and thoughtful attitude.

In this rare opportunity, we will reinterpret the Japanese tradition of kakizome — the first writing of the year, or simply, a New Year’s resolution while being mindful of the surrounding and our own senses of sound, vision, and motion. This experience is a combination of a series of exercises with various mediums, from sutra chanting and zen meditation led by Toryo Ito (, calligraphy writing by Veronica Halim (, and sound drawing by Samson Young ( All of these are thoughtfully designed to give you a unique opportunity to create a final artwork that will be stored in a custom-made keepsake box and to be your personal charm to get you through the new year right.

Date and Time: Sunday, January 26, 2020. 9am-3pm (Including Lunch)
Venue:  Ryosoku-in Temple, Kyoto
Capacity: 15 persons
Fee: 30,000 yen for RYOSOKU member, 40,000 yen for non-member

Schedule rundown:

9: 00 - Chanting (Toryo Ito)
9: 15 - Calligraphy Exploration (Veronica Halim)
10: 45 - Sound Drawing (Samson Young)
12: 00- Lunch (by ブランカ)
12:45- Zen Meditation
13: 00 - Writing and Artwork Creations
15:00 End

What’s included in this workshop: All calligraphy tools to use in the workshop and to take home, custom wooden keepsake book for artwork, custom tote bag.

To register for this workshop please RSVP to:  [email protected]

*What to bring (for sound drawing) : any drawing materials you may think of such as water color, color pencils and/or crayons.